Rail Transport

Rail transport  is an optimal convenient way to deliver the goods at any distance. First of all,  this type of transport is attractive due to its  large load capacity, the ability to deliver items with different options and sizes which require different technologies  for downloading. Goods that are considered in the carriage of oversized, require lengthy approvals and  special cars,  can be fitted  in the trains quickly and easily. And, of course, an important factor contributing to the popularity of cargo transportation by railways is its efficiency, the ability to avoid paying extra fees.

«AZTRANSLINE» company along with other type of shipping offers  the rail transport also. Employees of the company specialized  in this line of  transport  will tell you in details  how to pass transportation, which required documents  are necessary for customs clearance, will help you to choose the right insurance, consider  your wishes and comments on future work.

«AZTRANSLINE» company offers freight forwarding services for import, export  and transit of goods by rail between Azerbaijan, CIS, Eastern Europe and China. The wide network of partners of our company promotes continuous growth of quality of transportation by railway. Our advantages in the field of railway freight forwarding:

— Competitive price;

— Timely provision of wagons for loading;

— Receivng transportation codes for the entire route, sending the telegram  to the destination station, and railway administration.