Container - Multimodal transport

Container transport - one of the most economical forms of transportation used in transcontinental communication. The use of containers increases the efficiency of mixed or so-called multi-modal transport as reduces costs associated with the transport, storage and transshipment. Container transportations by sea provides  considerable  part of the turnover of importing and exporting countries, and are essential in the delivery of goods to or from countries of South- East Asia and America to other continents.

Depending on the objectives for the delivery of goods, the company «AZTRANSLINE» carries out multimodal transportation of goods in containers by combining sea and land transportation through any port in the world. During transportation, we provide competitive rates  for transportation of goods in the 20 and 40-foot containers from any country in the world. We have established mechanisms of interaction with the sea ports in the Baltic, Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Seas and the Persian Gulf. Among our regular  partners are, the world's leading maritime transporters of containers, such as Maersk Line, MSC, Evergreen.

«AZTRANSLINE» delivers goods in containers by "door to door". Implementation of international transport under this scheme relieves you of all the problems related to the organization of transport, coordination of participants in this transport process, customs and port procedures.

We take care of all the commitments for international shipments:

— Supply container for loading;
— The organization of all port and customs procedures at ports, customs clearance and shipping documents;
— The organization of maritime transport;
— Supply of  containers for unloading;
— Return of the empty container to the port.

Advantages of the shipping by sea:
—Low cost of transportation;
— The ability to transport large loads.

Disadvantages of  the shipping by sea:
— The speed of transportation  is limited , the need to adhere to the schedule of the departure of ships out of port;
— Restrict the types of containers for the transport of goods;
— Depending on the weather conditions and port capacity.