At many times joint cargo transportation is the best option for regular deliveries of small packages and shipments. This solution is also optimal for a single sending of small consignments of goods. This kind of carriage of goods is typically required for owners of small and medium-sized businesses, who purchase goods abroad in small quantity. Using a separate vehicle for the transport of such goods is impractical. In such cases, a single vehicle or a container load two or more cargo. This carriage is called combined transportation and the freight is called groupage or consolidated cargo. In the carriage of general or joint cargoes,   mainly road transport and freight containers are efficiently used.

«AZTRANSLINE» arranges delivery of  joint cargoes in transit through consolidation warehouses and then sending to the destination. We have transit warehouses equipped with modern equipment for storage and dispatch of cargoes in such European countries as Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey. This  kind of transporting system allows significant savings in the delivery of small loads and optimize the movement of freight transport. Transportation of cargoes from Europe debugged enough as there is well developed warehouse infrastructure, and there are no barriers for fast customs clearance. In the countries of the former Soviet Union  warehouse infrastructure and the structure of associated fast customs clearance have not yet well developed, due to that in this countries we regularly collect general cargo using the principle of sending trucks from each sender to another. For this purpose,  there are drivers who   receive special instructions for proper distribution of certain cargoes in the car, .so that one type of cargo do not hurt the other and do not mix with it, as well as reception and delivery of each modular cargo shipping by the number of seats. In Russia, most often we collect cargo in Moscow and the Moscow region and throughout Russia as a whole.

Entrust your cargo «AZTRANSLINE» and we will not deceive your expectations!